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What is Main Theme?

These days, about 7 billion users access the internet daily to surf for different information. Aside this, internet is one of the major platforms to earn from home and millions of individuals are doing it already. There can be various types of job works available over the internet of which filling the forms online and email advertisements are probably the most popular. Please go through the points stated below for a better understanding on the scopes of these works.


Online advertisements are the avenues that the companies walk through for reaching out to people. More is the number of viewers on these advertisements, more popularity the companies get. To get the maximum of visits on the advertisements, companies invite the internet users to click the advertisements and stay on the page for about 30 to 45 seconds. The online visitors get paid $0.25 in return. Links to such paid ads appears to the inbox of your email directly.

The screen shots given underneath would help you in understanding the process flow closely.

STEP 1 :
Log-in to your mail- you will be getting links to the paid advertisements in the inbox

STEP 2 :
You open the emails that carry the links to the paid advertisements

STEP 3 :
You click on the links and another browser-window opens up. You have to stay on the advertisement page atleast for a minute time.

STEP 4 :
Within next 1 minute, you account gets credited with the amount

STEP 5 :
Whenever you want, you can login to your account to check the earnings you made. You have to use the username and the password that we would provide you in the CD package.



MNC companies like Coca Cola, Dell, Nike, McDonalds, Microsoft etc show keenness to receive feedbacks from the customers worldwide. For this purpose, these companies engage Survey companies to conduct online surveys on their behalf. Companies look forward to these feedbacks & suggestions to give a better quality to their products. You can earn good amount of money if you participate in these surveys online.

These are companies like Coca Cola,Nike, Dell, Microsoft, and even McDonalds!

Once you sign up to your account, you would get survey forms. These forms contain a set of questions and to answer it, you have to select an option form the ones given for each of the questions. You should select the option that best suits to you. As you fill up the form based on your personal preferences and experiences, no question of a right or wrong answer can come up. Based on the survey category and length , the company would be paying you between Rs. 60 and Rs.300 for filling each form.

What Can be my income?

Your income would be dependent on the efforts you put and the more you work, higher you earn. There are thousand of companies that pay for participating in surveys. It had been seen that if someone works for 3 to 4 hours daily, his or her earning can easily reach to Rs. 12000 to Rs.18000 for a month.

Some of the payment proofs are produced here for your perusal

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What is the minimum qualification for doing these works?

You can do these works with the basic knowledge of the internet technology; no other special qualifications are required.

What should be the minimal time that I would require to work daily?

You can decide what time you would work and for how many hours you would be working for a day. To get a satisfactory amount of earning at the moth end, you should work for 2 to 3 hours regularly at least.

Do I require paying penalties if I answer any question wrong?

Whatever you answer, is purely based on your personal experiences and knowledge. Thus, your replies can never be considered wrong and as such, there is no question for you to pay any penalties.

Does this work require me to buy or to sell?

You would never be asked to get into activities like buying and selling of products or services.

Does this work involve any MLM Schemes?

This is not a MLM scheme and thus you would never require enrolling people for doing the work.

Where to do these works from?

You are at total liberty to do these works either from your house or from your office. You simply need to have internet connection to do this job. If you want, you can do the work from the cyber cafes too.

When and what time can I do this work?

You can do this work at any time of day and night (part time, full time) or whenever you want. It is not necessary to do the daily work; if you want, you can give the gap of some days during your work.

Who sends my payment and how I receive it?

You get the payments from the companies directly. Survey and PTC companies pay mostly on monthly basis. Payments are made either via Paypal, cheque or directly through NEFT transfer to your bank accounts.  There are some companies that pay on weekly or bi-weekly cycles. You can choose the company to work as per your suitability with the payment cycles.

You would be required to produce your banking details like the Bank name, branch, Account number and the IFSC code. If you furnish these details, the companies can directly transfer your payment to your bank account through the online NEFT transfer.  If you decide that you would receive the payouts via Paypal, then Paypal will be transferring the payment directly to your account. Some companies roll out the payment once the earning reaches to $50 or $100 or its multiples. In those cases, if the monthly earning short falls of the figures stated, your earning gets carried to the next month.

Do I have to pay any joining fees?

For learning how to start this work we provide one special “CD PACKAGE”.It will help you to understand what exactly you need to do. The package will have your membership ID. This will be a 12-digit number code that you have to use for log-in to the member’s area.  

You will be paying joining fees of Rs. 1490/- for getting this package but you have to pay nothing in upfront. Once you decide to start the work, you have to fill an application form that you get below at our website. Once we receivethe filled application form, we would call you for verifying your application and after that we forward the package to your address. Once you receive the courier, you have to pay the delivery person the required sum of Rs.1490/- (including all charges)


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